Parent Camp Guide                                                              

Dollhouse Design Studio 

Summer Camp

Camp Dates & Time

Monday - Friday

June 27, 2022 - July 1, 2022

8:30 am - 12:00 pm 


Camp Location

Vestavia Hills Civic Center Recreation Center

1975 Merryvale Rd,

Vestavia Hills, AL 35216


To create a world of girls that are not afraid to become innovators, idea makers and game changers. Our goal is for something powerful to happen at our summer camps. Something that doesn’t happen at other camps. Sure, our girls will have fun. Actually, they’ll have a ridiculously crazy amount of fun.  They’ll go home glowing, grimy and wiped out.  But amidst the frenzy, they also learn something with the potential to change them—and the world—profoundly. They learn how to fail. Not in a humiliating or dispiriting way. But in a self-assured way, that helps turn them into hardy, risk-taking creators, innovators  and future game changers. 

The Innovative Mindset: How Brilliant Girls Innovate


I understand that alone we can do so little; but together we can do so much more. 


I understand that the best way to predict the future is to create it.


I understand that the only true failure is when I quit trying. I know that making mistakes are a part of the process.


I pay attention to what is and what isn’t working. 


Bravo Bucks

Bravo Bucks are a unique form of currency for campers.  They are a great physical reminder for campers of their progress and of the rewards for good camp behavior. By giving campers something they can hold, count and spend we’re reinforcing that their efforts have value. As part of our positive behavior system, Bravo Bucks bring positive attention for good choices into a tangible currency campers can appreciate. Each Bravo Buck is equivalent to $1 and can be spent in the Style My Space store.  The Style My Space store is where girls can shop for extra special items to design their doll houses. 


Girls will earn Bravo Bucks for the following:

  1. Having an Innovator's Mindset

  2. Following Studio & Design Rules

  3. Completing Designer’s Notebook Home Challenges


Trash to Treasure

The girls will be asked to bring in all kinds of little items from their toy drawers, junk drawers, recycling bins, etc. at the start of the week. The best things for creating furniture are fabric scraps, corks, buttons, and plastic odds and ends. 


Designer’s Notebook

Over the course of the week, girls will keep a designer’s notebook where they can sketch ideas, tape in bits of materials, keep notes about their “clients,” etc! The Designer’s Notebook is where the girls will keep all their design inspirations. They will also take it home every night to assist with their home challenges. There is also a place to store any Bravo Bucks earned. 


Home Challenge

Due to the time constraints of camp, girls will have to go home and think about the items they can use to create their next design. They should also spend time looking for materials to upcycle for their design.

How to Reach Us During Camp

-205-978-0166  (Please limit calls to emergency use only.)  

Check In

Check in is between 8:00 am - 8:30 am everyday. Unfortunately, we will not be able to check campers in earlier than 8:00 am each day.   For easier check-in we will meet ALL parents at the main entrance of the Vestavia Hills Civic Center between 8:00 am and 8:30 am . Please wait at the front door of the Vestavia Hills Civic for check-in procedures. 


Please enter through the front tall glass doors at the Vestavia Hills Recreation Center. Please wait in the main entrance for check in procedures. All parents have to sign their child in and out each day.

Check Out

Check out is at 12:00 pm everyday.   To keep campers safe, we require a signature from an adult on your camper’s authorized pickup list everyday at checkout.  For easier checkout we will meet ALL parents at the main entrance of the Vestavia Hills Civic Center at exactly 12:00 pm. Please wait at the main entrance of the Vestavia Hills Civic for check out procedures. 



Campers should wear casual clothing that can get dirty and comfortable shoes for indoor and outdoor activities. No Flip Flops please! 


Food & Water

Our snack break will be scheduled from 10:05 am - 10:25 am. Snacks will be provided by the camp. Please ensure your camper has a fulfilling breakfast before camp. 

Sun Protection

Campers should arrive with sunscreen already applied and may want to bring a hat and additional sunscreen.

What to Leave at Home

We ask your campers to leave their pets, toys, personal sports equipment, games, cards and electronic devices such as iPads, digital cameras, personal gaming devices and laptops, and any other valuables at home—we cannot be responsible for these items at camp. Campers can bring their cell phones, but will be asked not to use them during the day. We do not allow weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other banned substances at camp.