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Beauty & Brains is a fun, creative, high energy, and hands-on innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) summer camp program. We wholeheartedly believe that summer camp should be super-duper crazy fun and amazingly enriching at the same time. We aim to empower and inspire girls through a variety of critical thinking projects that give them the chance to explore and experiment with science, creative design, math, engineering and technology - all while having fun in a gender affirming environment. Our goal is for girls to increase their interest, understanding and participation in innovative STEM related activities and careers.  We work to increase their creative and critical thinking skills. Our vision is to create a world of girls that are not afraid to become innovators, idea makers and game changers. 



We wholeheartedly believe that summer camp should be super-duper crazy fun and amazingly enriching at the same time. We believe it's just as important to make new friends and have water balloon fights as it is to learn to program robots.  That is exactly why innovation is at the center of all we have to offer here at Beauty & Brains!


  • High energy, dynamic, enthusiastic staff ready to provide girls with daily doses of affirmation and education.

  • Fun times…. STEM is not just serious business. Girls will discover the STEM principles behind some of their favorite everyday items. Our camp combines art, science, engineering and indoor/outdoor free play activities with all around whimsical and creative weekly themes. 

  • Our Innovative Design Process…. our design process teaches our brilliants girls how visionaries innovate. We think the world needs more girl innovators. We also think girls who learn to explore and fail without fear—the essence of innovation—are happier, more creative and more confident when faced with life’s challenges.  Our audacious summer camp setting provides girls the opportunity to create without fear of mistakes in a joyful, impactful manner.

Your girls will love tinkering and designing to help bring their awesome ideas to life. You’ll love the positive impact it has on their overall confidence and creativity. So... just get ready for them to spend the summer with their curiosity unleashed!



An entrepreneurship focused camp for girls in 5th - 8th grade ONLY! 

NEW for 2020!!!

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We will be parterning with Vestavia Hills Civic Center this year for summer camps. Click the link above for camp themes and registration. 

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